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Posted on 02-21-2012

St. Louis chiropractor helps with sciatica.jpgSciatica is a set of conditions that include neck and back pain, tingling and numbness along the sciatic nerve. Although not a disease in and of itself, it is very uncomfortable and almost always a sign of an underlying health condition. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, which extends through the lower back and buttocks, and into the legs. In addition to the main sciatic nerve, there are also smaller nerve pathways that extend off of the sciatic nerve - all of which may become painful is pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve.

There are a number of reasons that the sciatic nerve may become compressed. For example, a personal injury stemming from a car accident or a slip and fall injury could cause the vertebrae in the spine to compress, creating a herniated disc. When a disc begins to bulge out of place, it may place pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing back pain and other sciatic problems.

Treatment for Sciatica Pain Includes Various Chiropractic Techniques

Here at Affton Lemay Chiropractic Center, we are trained and experienced in treating pain, numbness and tingling related to pressure on the sciatic nerve. Our chiropractor, Dr. Ed Hengel, uses specific techniques and treatments to relieve pressure and reduce symptoms.

For example, our St. Louis office utilizes the Active Release Technique, or A.R.T., which uses movement-based massage to improve conditions that affect the soft tissues in the body. A.R.T. is preferred by patients because it is both effective and prevents bruising. Similarly, the Graston Technique is also available in our office, for which we use a series of steel tools to gently detect and treat problems in the muscles and ligaments. For our patients suffering from compressed vertebrae, we offer spinal decompression, which uses targeted pressure to increase the amount of space between vertebrae and allow a herniated disc to return to its natural position - away from the sciatic nerve.

Do you suffer from back, neck or leg pain that you think may be related to the sciatic nerve?

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